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About Me

Me and Caleb Summer 2010 
My name is Brittney. I am a child of God. Apart from Christ, I have no purpose. Because of Him I live. Because of Him I love. I am by no means perfect, far from it, but I am thankful for a forgiving God who refuses to give up on me. It is my desire to serve and worship Him in everything that I do...from blogging. It's all for Him..all for His glory.
Hanging with sweet Abby girl Fall 2010
I am a college student and a nanny.  If I'm not at work loving on my sweet kiddos, in class, or  working on the mass loads of homework that comes with college classes, you can usually find me hanging out with my wonderful family or with my amazing guy Caleb and his awesome family. I am so, so blessed, far beyond what I deserve to have such wonderful amazing people in my life. God is so good
Me and my sweet Shaw kids in Destin, Fl. summer 2010
I am a major, major health food nerd, and vietnamese food make me very happy. I enjoy photography and being creative on my sewing machine when I get the chance. I love second-hand shopping and antique stores, and I am kind of obsessed with making lists and schedules. I find joy in cleaning and organizing stuff and think that coffee was the best thing ever invented. Mac computers rock and being an auntie is one of the coolest things ever.