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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What am I doing Wednesday?

Talking to Caleb on the phone (favorite part of my day)...
Listening to Meredith Andrews (what it means to love is one of the best songs on her new cd)...
Wishing I was somewhere I could cook something (really, really wanting to try some new recipes)
Feeling like being creative (Christen??? Yes? I wanna design some new stuff!)
Thinking how awesome my Savior is and how great his amazing love is (I can't even begin describing the feeling I get when I try to comprehend His amazing love! God is so good!)
Looking forward to date night Friday (YEAH)
Missing her brothers (Haven't seen one since last October, one since last May, and one since last week....too long)
Going to bed ('re gonna be here in no time!)

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